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About toiletnation.com
I bet we got you thinking there!:)

Saying 'THANK YOU' to your toilet doesn't get any easier than this. All you have to do is fill in some information about you, take a picture of your toilet and send it to us. Once received, we'll create a special place for your toilet so that other members can take a peak at your secret treasure. Similarly, you will be able to check out toilets of anyone in the world, even your next door neighbor. How does that sound?


People take pictures of every place they've ever been to. Whether that's a holiday resort, climbed mountain range or friends b'day party. They even take photos of places where they go every so often: workstation at work, bbq in the park accross the road, favourite restaurant or grand pa's cottage.
We in toiletnation.com team want you to step outside of the box and take a shot of that special toilet that 'saved you' in some way. Or put a smile on your face. Or was bit different to all the other ones. Add your story to it, detailed address and send it to us (welisten@toiletnation.com). We can't wait to hear from you! Because let's face it, THOSE WHO SAY THAT A DOG IS A MAN'S BEST FRIEND HAVE PROBABLY NEVER BEEN IN A REAL NEED FOR A TOILET.

Read some interesting fact about toilets? Spotted something funny on the wall in public toilets ? Tell us about it!!!

We have created the biggest toilet database in the world, full of interesting, funny, special, weird or just normal toilets that belong to people from many exotic corners of the world, to people who have finally realised the importance of this 'obvious place' in their lives and have decided to respond. So c'mon and join the crowd, it is time to show off your real best friend! And your toilet will love you for it !